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Privacy policy in the poltrading.pl service

The declaration concerning the protection of privacy on the internet site of poltrading.pl was prepared by the POLTRADING company and constitutes a certificate for problems that they observed in the protection of privacy for internet services. The following paragraphs contain the principles for collecting and disseminating information about customers, which are mandatory on our on-line service.

What user information does the poltrading.pl service collect and how is it used?

The poltrading.pl service limits the utilization and collection of customer information to a necessary minimum required for offering our customers services on the highest level, which includes, among other things, informing our customers about products and services that we offer.

In some cases (e.g. order forms) we collect information about users, such as e-mail addresses or personal address information. This information is not made available to third parties unless the Users have agreed to such in advance, or if it is demanded by current legal regulations and are used mainly for the realization of commitments towards the customers, including, for example, the realization of orders and the sending of requested offers.

We use IP addresses of users in diagnosing problems connected with the operation of our server, the analysis of safety violations and the management of our web page. The IP address is used for the identification and collection of demographic data from persons visiting the website (e.g. information about the region, from where the connection occurred). This information is in no way connected with the personal data of our e-mail list subscribers and other services offered by the poltrading.pl service.

In special cases, on the basis of information obtained, general statistical summaries are prepared and revealed to third parties. They usually include information regarding the viewing of the service. These lists however do not contain any data which would allow the identification of single users on the poltrading.pl service.

Occasionally the poltrading.pl web site uses "cookies” files which makes it easier to use its resources. "Cookies" contain useful information and are stored on the computer of the user - our server can read them when connecting again with this computer. Turning off "cookies" information in the browser does not deprive the user of access to our web site’s resources.

The poltrading.pl web site uses cookies, to deliver content that users are interested in the most and for other purposes (eg. establishing the ranking of the most often viewed sub-page in the service).

How do we use information obtained from order forms, surveys and contest participants of the poltrading.pl site?

Our service uses order forms which allow customers to place orders for information, products and services. These forms allow the collection of contact information from those visiting (such as the e-mail addresses of users). The information proceeding from order forms are used for the realization of orders, sending information about our company and our offer.

Customer contact information is also used to make contact with them, when it is necessary (e.g. in the case when it is necessary to confirm an order).

The protection of minor’s privacy

The poltrading.pl service not monitor and does not verify information regarding the age of its public - customers and users of the e-mail list, persons viewing the internet site of poltrading.pl. Contact information from visitors (such as user e-mail addresses) are used for the realization of orders, sending information about our company and promotional materials.

Minors should not send any information, place orders nor subscribe to services offered by our service without the knowledge of their parents or guardians.


The poltrading.pl web site is equipped with safety measures, for the purpose of protecting data under our control from loss, improper use and modification. We commit ourselves to protect all information revealed to us by customers in compliance with security protection norms and maintaining confidentiality. Access rights to the personal data of our service’s users are limited in a restrictive manner, so that this information would not be in the hands of unauthorized persons.

Only a limited number of authorized employees of poltrading.pl have access to the personal - address data, in accordance with the directive of the Ministry of Interior and Administration from the day of June 3, 1998 (Law Journal No. 80, directive No. 521).

The choice of options / resignation from our services

The poltrading.pl web site offers users the possibility to resign from obtaining from us and our partners any information. This is offered at the moment where we request the personal data of persons visiting. Our site gives users several options assuring the removal of their information on our database, allowing the discontinuation of sending information by e-mail or the resignation from our services.

This can be done by following the instructions that we include in an e-mail reply, by sending us an e-mail to: poltrading@poltrading.pl


Users who have any questions concerning this privacy protection declaration, the practices used on this site, or also the methods of maintaining contact with them, are asked to send their concerns to: poltrading@poltrading.pl.

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